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Paula Curci is bringing back the Introspective Journal Writing Workshop to the Vault!
On April 8th,  2023 4pm – 6pm
Acoustic Poet Networks ™ Introduction to Introspective Journal Writing.  Facilitated by Paula Curci
Years ago, Paula conducted a series of reflective journal writing classes here at the Vault.  She has revived the program for us.  In this workshop Paula will walk you through several reflective and meditative journaling exercises, modeling the Journal To The Self™ method and her own I AM  portrait poetry prompts. All participants will be encouraged to focus on a goal for their journal journey and to share their journal expressions and/or poetry. However, no one is required to read their entry aloud.  This is a confidential and caring workshop that encourages fellowship, witnessing and not critique. Bring your favorite pen and paper to write on, two of your favorite poems or a few of your own original poems to share. Email Paula at PMCTHEPOET@AOL.COM with questions- just type Introspective in the subject line.
****  If you are staying for the PPA poetry reading and open mic event with James Romano,
Paula will provide a light dinner for those staying in-between programs.****
Paula Curci  is the Nassau County Poet Laureate. She is a certified Journal To The Self™ instructor.  The JTTS program is a holistic self-management, reflective journal writing program. She is the  host and producer of Calliope’s Corner  and What’s The Buzz® on WHRU. Most of you remember Paula as our 2005 Vault Guardian Angel award winner and as the co-founder of the Acoustic Poets Network™ she is known for her style of performance poetry called, Posics™ .  Paula is a retired school counselor.
Hey everyone! Great news! Come on down to The Vault Saturday April 29th. 7or 8 pm. (To be determined). Tomasina DeCrescenzo  has awoken from a long sleep.  No! Not Sleeping Beauty! More Rip Van Winkle! She is dusting the cobwebs from her questionable  brain, and getting the oil can out for her aging bones! That’s right! Her crazy cast of characters are coming out of retirement,  or some other institutionalized facility, and making a Come back at The Vault! Come on down for a night of laughs and fun! She may not move as fast as she did, but give her a break people! She’s a 🧓senior! You never know who you’re gonna 🥩 meet! What else are you gonna do? Stay home and watch reruns ? Just give a donation to Hope For The Children  Foundation.
Don’t make me come after you now!  See you there!
NOTE: The Vault will be taking a hiatus May through October