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Hey everyone! Great news! Come on down to The Vault Saturday April 29th. 7or 8 pm. (To be determined). Tomasina DeCrescenzo  has awoken from a long sleep.  No! Not Sleeping Beauty! More Rip Van Winkle! She is dusting the cobwebs from her questionable  brain, and getting the oil can out for her aging bones! That’s right! Her crazy cast of characters are coming out of retirement,  or some other institutionalized facility, and making a Come back at The Vault! Come on down for a night of laughs and fun! She may not move as fast as she did, but give her a break people! She’s a 🧓senior! You never know who you’re gonna 🥩 meet! What else are you gonna do? Stay home and watch reruns ? Just give a donation to Hope For The Children  Foundation.
Don’t make me come after you now!  See you there!
NOTE: The Vault will be taking a hiatus May through August
If you were hoping to schedule a show in April , please make reservations now.

Text: 718-479-2594