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Vault News  April 2022
90-21 Springfield Blvd. Queens Village NY 11428
The Vault  April  2022 Calendar
Sat. April 9   Performance Poets Association Open Mic 8 pm

Performance Poets  Association  @ the Vault open Mic event on  April 9
time 8pm to 1030pm

April is National Poetry month 2022
So , the eternal question: what is poetry ?
Come to the “Write Your Own Poem , open mic…” & find out

program part one ..8pm  welcome , sign up introductions
815 pm  muse music
suggestions of themes to write poem
915pm intermission
program part two 930pm. sign up write your own poems , & read
list & open mic ..
10 15pm  Closing  Thanks  1030pm  Exiting

Host Poet Friend  James Thomas Romano
Listen to Paula Curci on Calliope’s Corener: the place where poets and songwrioters meet
WRHU 88.7 fm Radio Hofstra University  &  WRHU.ORG worldwide!
330pm EST Thursdays
A radio show for writers, poets, spoken word artists & lyric songqwriters
& What’s the buzz A show that airs issues fro young adults
Linda Ann Emilio- Ellis Wishes to inform all “ Vault” poets and musicians
And all of the other talented  Members of the Vault- that
She is a finalist in the 2022 “ Ms NY Senior America Pageant”. It will be held on
April 30th at 11:30am and Lunch to follow!!
If anyone wishes to attend Or support her in her Quest for the crown-or just
Be a cheerleader— you May contact her @ (516) 859-1029
This event will provide allOf us -“ Artists” – a real Diversion and relief from These past 2. Years of This global pandemic

“Reciever of the Crown-
Could It Be Me??
You’ll find out….
If you come to SEE!!”
First come first served. Text or call to reserve: 718-479-2594