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Vault News  January 2022         90-21 Springfield Blvd. Queens Village NY 11428   718-479-2594
The Vault  January 2022 Calendar
Sat.Jan. 8   Performance Poets Association Open Mic 8 pm
Hope it is a healthy, Happy  New Year for all !
Love, Tone

Of course use common sense and only come to Vault shows if you feel healthy and are not exposed.
Making required, keep social distance

Performance Poets Association @ the Vault
open Mic upcoming  event list for 2022
Time : 8pm to 10:30pm

1/8/2022        Features : Kenjazzo & Sara Abdelnaly
2/12/2022    Features : Jacqueline Carr & Desmond Rivers
3/12/2022        Features: Peter V Dugan &  Viviana Duncan
4/9/2022    Feature event National Poetry Month: Feature from Journey To group (JTR’S) – The Archives : Poet of the Day (April 21)
5/14/2022    Features:    Yuyutsu RD  Sharma      & Eric Freeman
6/11/2022    Feature event: Read from Your Work open Mic & Book fair
7/9/2022    Features:  Jack Zaffos &  Margareth Debrosse
8/13/2022        Feature event    Woodstock Bands   Lyrics open Mic
9/10/2022        Feature:    Marilyn T Keen & friends
10/8/2022        Feature event:  Edgar Allan Poe & other Writers of Tales of Horror & the Supernatural Open Mic
11/12/2022    Feature : Robert Gibbon & friends
12/10/2022    Feature event:PPA @ the VaultOpen Mic & Year Celebration  And So the Earth has also made another Orbit around the Sun Which also Rises to A New Dawn In 2023

All Are Welcome To These  Events
Your Host & Friend,  James Thomas Romano
Rosie Rinsler Show back on Mar. 26

Winter DATES AVAILABLE FOR SHOWS:  Feb. 5, 26 Mar 5 &19
First come first served. Text or call to reserve: 718-479-2594