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The Vault  February 2023 Calendar
Sat. Feb 11 PPA Event  6pm
PPA Literary Event  Hosted by James Thomas Romano
Feb 11th 2023
Doors open  6pm  refreshments to start 7pm  to 1030pm
Poetry of Love
Features:   3 Generation  of Poets
Kenjazzo Rivers    Tshara Rivers   Desmond Rivers
Open mic Follows  5 mins
$ 5 Suggested donation between ppa & hope for the children  Non- Profits
Duration: 4 hr 30 min
“Three Generations of Poetry ”
75 yrs & counting to become , & the First of its kind to my Knowledge ever!!!
Features:Kenjazzo Rivers the Teacher (Grandfather, & Father)
Tshara Rivers the Femme Recreated ( Daughter & Mom)
Desmond Rivers the Eyes of Teachings ( Grandson & Son)
Intermission 9pm to 915pm
Special Presentation of Linda Anne Emilo donation to Hope for the Children Foundation
Open Mic to follow      All Art Forms  Welcome !!!
A Literary Event Unlike     No Other !!!  JTR
March 11th 2023  PPA Event
Doors open 7pm refreshments to start  8pm to 1030pm
Feature: James Thomas Romano
Jack Kerouac @ 101  Literary Festival
Kerouacian open mic  Follows 5 mins
Saturday March 25 @ 8pm
Stagefright Workshop   Presented by Joan Tyler
More information coming soon
April 8th 2023 National  Poetry Month 2023
Features:  Alan Walowitz & Jeanette  Walowitz
Poetry/ various art forms 8pm to 1030pm
Open Mic    Any Questions please call 347 628 9390