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The Vault  March  2022 Calendar
Sat. Mar. 12   Performance Poets Association Open Mic 8 pm
Sat. Mar. 19  “Fast Speaking Women & Other Outspoken Femmes Poetry Festival…” 630-1030pm
Sat. Mar. 26  Rosie Rinsler Show  7pm
Performance Poets Association @ the Vault Open Mic series  on March 12th 2022, 8pm to 1030pm  Hosted by JamesThomas  Romano Is Proud to Present
on Jack Kerouacs Birthday as Well Womens History Month  an Evening of With  Two Poets of Beat Generation Style & Rock  & Roll !!!

Viviana Duncan was shot out of her mothers uterus landing in Argentina. At age 10 landed in NyC.
She learned English with words becoming a weapon of expression.At age17 thanked her parents for being the transportation to get to this planet & left.
Her mission as a writer is pushing boundaries of sex, religion, & politics .
She has a law career , hosts the Spanish radio show” Accidents Your Power & Justice” on WPAT a.m.
Hosts Stark Reality open mic@ Studio 353 2nd floor west 48th st Ny. Ny 10036
A Safe Venue for A Free Speech Zone For All for those Who like to Walk Write Dance Sing Entertain in All Art Forms on the Wild Side of  NYC’s off  Broadway theater district & organizes Singles for over 40 events in NYC
And Peter V Dugan, Nassau Poet Laureate ( 2017-19) He was born & raised on Long Island & graduate of the New School in
NyC. He has authored Five Collections of Poetry & over the years his poetry has been
published in numerous anthologies & magazines both online & print
Some Notably Grub Street Literary & Arts  magazine, Soul Fountain , Reckless Writing; the modernization of poetry by Emerging Writers of the 21st Century( 2012 & 2013)
He co edited & formatted The Writing Outside the Lines , Wyld Syde Press 2012, & co edited Long Island Sounds 2015, Wyld Syde Press.
In 2017 two of his poems were Nominated for  Pushcart Poetry  Prize 2014,
Awarded the Long Island Bards Poet Mentor Award Initiative 1993,
Honorable Mention American Academy of Poetry … Peter V Dugan also a Performance Poets Association
Staff  & Hosts  an Open Mic  Reading series  @ the Oceanside Library , long island ,  NY
Open Mic open to All  Donation suggested $ 3 for these 2 non profits
PpA & the Vault  Hope For The Children Foundation
See You @ This  Literary Event Cheers  Your Host & Friend,  James Thomas Romano
“Fast Speaking Women & Other Outspoken Femmes Poetry Festival…”
In Honor of Womens History Month
On March 19th 2022   6pm to 1030pm       Host  James Thomas Romano
Features   Viviana Duncan  Linda Kleinbub  Marilyn T Keen   Linda Melodia  Madeline Artenberg
Paula Curci  Lala Hocheiser  Sara Abedelinaby  JacquelineLCarr  Babette Albin
Plus   Open Mic   All Welcome        Books & Other Items @ event
$10 donation   towards Women Empowerment   Charities
Rosie Rinsler Show back on Mar. 26
Rosie’s shows art always very popular and most enjoyable and welcoming. Don’t miss it

Spring DATES AVAILABLE FOR SHOWS:   April 30, May 7,14
First come first served. Text or call to reserve: 718-479-2594